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MennoHomes Capital Build Brochure

Supporting our A Place to Call Home capital campaign is a great way to get involved in responding to the need for affordable housing. To learn more, click here.


MennoHomes has a number of ways for volunteers to be involved. Our board, committee’s, and special events rely on the wide variety of skills and expertise that volunteers provide to support the creation of new affordable housing in Waterloo Region. To explore how your gifts and abilites may be used to strenghten and grow the work of MennoHomes, contact Dan Driedger, Executive Director at (226) 476-2535 or email him at


MennoHomes welcomes donations to support the creation of new affordable housing in Waterloo Region. All donations will be directed towards our current capital projects unless others designated. (Our ongoing administrative expenses are coved by contributions from existing rental units.)

We also welcome gifts of land or buildings suitable for new housing projects. Property offered at reduced rates, and loans of money at no-interest or low-interest rates are other ways to financially support the work of MennoHomes.

Donations may also be in the form of regular monthly gifts either by electronic transfer or your credit card. Including MennoHomes as a beneficary when you update your Will is also an important way of supporting the ongoing work of MennoHomes.

To explore these options further please contact MennoHomes at (226) 476-2535 or email Dan Driedger at

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Special Needs Fund

MennoHomes maintains a Special Needs Fund to assist tenants with financial emergencies or ongoing financial pressures which make it difficult for them to pay their rent on an occasional or ongoing basis.The purpose of the Special Needs Fund is to help keep families in housing operated by MennoHomes. Threats to safe and secure housing may arise unexpectedly due to decline or loss of income, or household emergencies. Use of the fund is managed by a board-approved committee that oversee’s small grants, and more typically zero interest loans, paid back by tenants over a agreed-to period of time. Financial gifts designated “Special Needs Fund” allow MennoHomes to respond to these needs in a generous and compassionate manner.