About MennoHomes

What is MennoHomes?

MennoHomes Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization (CRA # 86304 7015 RR0001) founded in 2001. We’re passionate about working to provide quality affordable housing to households with low incomes throughout Waterloo Region. Since our first build in 2004, MennoHomes now has 105 rental housing units within Waterloo Region. These are a mix of single unit apartments for seniors, family duplexes, and multi-bedroom housing.

Mission Statement

MennoHomes mission is to provide affordable housing to those in need. Our housing projects will be economically and environmentally viable and sustainable and will include support services for our tenants.

How is MennoHomes governed?

MennoHomes is operated by an active volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for ensuring that MennoHomes’ values, vision, and mission form the guiding principles for all decision-making and actions undertaken for MennoHomes. The Board has developed, and maintains, detailed governance policies to ensure the long-term viability of MennoHomes.

Why affordable rental housing?

We believe that quality affordable housing is one of the most effective ways of addressing a variety of social and economic needs in our community and can have a life-changing impact. Not everyone can afford to purchase their own home, but access to affordable housing is a basic human right.

For children it means a safe and healthy environment that contributes to their health and well-being. For families it creates the space where a house can become a home. For seniors it provides them with the opportunity to live independently with dignity and self-respect.

How do you create affordable housing?

We welcome and invite partnerships with individuals, foundations, churches, business, governments, and other agencies. Our housing projects are economically and environmentally viable. They also include support services for our tenants.

Our business model ensures that each project is self-sustaining once complete. We raise capital funds through grants and donations so that upon completion, the rent paid by tenants is sufficient to carry the associated mortgage, maintenance, and operating expenses.

Learn More

To learn more about the work of MennoHomes, we invite you to contact us directly. You can call Dan Driedger, Executive Director at (226) 476-2535 or email at ddriedger@mennohomes.com. You can also learn more by listening to an interview previously aired on FaithFM.