a response to the need for affordable housing

Completed Builds
Rockway Gardens Village - Kitchener (2007)

50 Affordable housing apartments for seniors.

In 2004, Eastwood Mennonite Community Homes donated a three-quarter acre parcel of land on King Street East, across from Rockway Gardens to MennoHomes. MennoHomes had submitted a proposal to develop 50 units of affordable housing for seniors on the site. It gave the land as a gift, worth about half a million dollars at the time.

Being the former location of the Kitchener bus yards, it was discovered that a storage tank lay below the surface and that this was a soil contaminated site. Through the City of Kitchener's Brownfields Remediation Program, MennoHomes qualified for $150,000 in grant to pay towards the cost of $200,000 for environmental clean-up in order to prepare the site for residential usage. This project added 38 one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom units of affordable housing within Waterloo Region.

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Stirling Avenue - Kitchener (2005)

MennoHomes responds to housing needs of refugee families

In partnership with First Mennonite Church of Kitchener MennoHomes operates a Refugee Re-Settlement House on Stirling Avenue North in Kitchener. MennoHomes is the landlord while First Mennonite provides ongoing program supports to facilitate the resettlement of the refugee family residing at the house.

MennoHomes purchased the house from First Mennonite Church at a greatly reduced price. Volunteers from the church then also helped to renovate the house and also appoint an active Refugee Support Committee to work with the refugee families that came to live here. The house is dedicated for use by refugee families arriving in Canada.

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Fischer-Hallman Road - Waterloo (2005)

A private-public partnership creates 25 new units!

Camelot is located at Fisher-Hallman near Keatsway in Waterloo, this project resulted from a partnership between Blaze Properties Inc. and MennoHomes Inc.

MennoHomes had an allocation to construct affordable housing in Waterloo but could not find suitable land. Blaze Properties had land but no allocation. By sharing its allocation with Blaze, 25 one-bedroom units were built in the complex of townhomes know as Camelot. Blaze Properties is the owner and operator. MennoHomes was the facilitator. Whether Blaze or MennoHomes, the exact same long term agreements with government bodies are in place to designate these units as affordable housing.

Village Road - Kitchener (2004)

MennoHomes First Affordable Housing Project

Located on Village Road in Kitchener, The Village consists of eight three-bedroom duplexes resulting in 16 affordable housing units for families. Initially marked by strong resistance within the community, a compromise was reached in which the number of units was reduced and the location of the units was restricted to facing the street in a single row. An appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board was averted when all objectors signed off on an agreement that struck a mutually acceptable compromise. A swap of land with the City of Kitchener was also involved to create the necessary frontage for the project.

Tenants moved in during July and August of 2004. Significant in the very first project was the role played by Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church. First, it gave an interest free loan of $30,000 to help with initial expenses, then, members together donated $80,000 in support of the Village Road undertaking.

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