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MennoHomes provides affordable housing throughout Waterloo Region.

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David Street - Wellesley (2013)

Affordable housing includes space for local food cupboard.

Two 4-bedroom duplexes with additional commercial space at the front to comply with local zoning. The bottom unit was previously one floor of a student rental unit in Waterloo. It was donated to MennoHomes and successfully moved to Wellesley. A new second floor home was built and additional commercial space created at the front to comply with local zoning bylaws.

Constuction took a giant step toward completion on May 20, 2013 thanks to the contribution of 20 volunteers from the Old Colony Mennonite Church. This group framed the second floor and roof to complete the main structure of two four-bedroom units. The main floor was put in place earlier by the donor of a fourplex in Waterloo. The donated property was deconstructed with two floors reconstructed in Elmira last year and one floor reconstructed on MennoHomes lot in Wellesley. Special thanks is extended also to members of Wellesley Mennonite Church who provided meals for this special "barnraising day" on David Street.

The project was successfully completed in November 2013. The first family moved in on November 1st while final tweaks were still being completed on the 2nd floor. The second family moved in at the beginning of December 2013, able to enjoy Christmas in their new home.

In early 2015, the commercial space was made available to the newly created Food Cupboard in Wellesley. MennoHomes is happy to be able to partner with this local grassroots initiative.

Ratz Street - Elmira (2013)

Student housing from Waterloo moved to create affordable in Elmira.

In June 2013, two families moved into the 4 bedroom duplex's on Ratz St. in Elmira. This duplex was built on the vacant lot that was made available after the purchase of the bungalow at 9 Ratz St.

Both floors had previously been part of a student residence fourplex located in Waterloo. They were donated to MennoHomes, moved to the new location, and retrofit to current building standards by the donor.

11 Ratz St - Web
Ratz Street - Elmira (2011)

A double lot in Elmira provides space for new housing.

In Fall 2011, MennoHomes was made aware of a property for sale on Ratz St. in Elmira. The existing 3 bedroom bungalow included a vacant lot that was already zoned for a duplex. The purchase of the bungalow provided much needed housing immediately for a small family already living in Elmira. Suitable upgrades to the house were completed and the family moved into their new home in 2012.

Centre Street - Elmira (2011)

Partnering with high school students builds housing and skills.

Construction of the semi-detached house on Centre Street in Elmira started in June 2011 and was completed in early 2012. Based on referrals from Elmira Mennonite Church and St. Jacobs Family Support Centre tenant families moved into these three-bedroom units in March 2012.

One of the unique aspects of this project was the partnership that was formed with Elmira District Secondary School. Under the supervision of teacher, Scott Shantz, students completed the framing, roofing, shingling and insulation work as well as much of the prep work for sub-contractors. Clare and Bonnie Brubacher volunteered their time as Project Managers.

This semi represented units #99 and #100 for MennoHomes within its first 10 years.

2 and 4 Centre St - Web
Stillwater Street - Elmira (2011)

A strategic purchase provides new housing quickly.

Due to urgent need, MennoHomes purchased two three-bedroom townhouses in Elmira in 2011. The initiative was undertaken with donations from the constituency of MennHomes as no government funding was available at the time.

The first tenants were two low income families. One was a mother-led family with four dependants who had been sharing space in a one-bedroom apartment. The second was a family living in unsafe and poorly heated conditions in a rural setting. Both families are grateful for the affordable accommodations that they now call home.


Pond View Drive - Wellesley (2009)

Volunteer labour helps build new housing in Wellesley.

In 2009, two semis were built in Wellesley on Pond View Drive. Each of the four units has four bedrooms to meet the needs of larger rural families.

Distinguishing this build was a Labour Day Weekend Barnraising Christian Service project undertaken by 30 Old Colony Mennonite Church volunteers who met to frame, roof and shingle the building. Murray Leis Construction served as Project Manager. Local trades and businesses were active in supporting the project.

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