a response to the need for affordable housing

MennoHomes Launches $250,000 Campaign -- May 2012

Having reached the milestone of 100 affordable rental units in 10 years, MennoHomes plans to purchase or build an additional five (5) rental units commencing this summer and ending on December 31, 2014. These units are particularly suited for the large rural families MennoHomes aims to help.

  • 3 units on Ratz Street in Elmira
  • 2 units on David Street in Wellesley

Federal and provincial government grants will partially fund these projects. Your support is needed for an additional $250,000 to cover MennoHomes' share of the cost for the five rental units.

For $50,000 per unit, five families will be provided with a home at an affordable rent!

Please consider making a donation or pledge to make the five rental units for five families a reality. Follow the Donor Form link to make an on-line donation.

Thank you for considering this opportunity in support of affordable housing!